Fighting the Family Law Industry for Father's Rights and Reparations


loudspeakerWHAT YOU CAN DO NOW!
     1) Click HERE to Register on the website.
     2) Use Social Media to Spread the Word (like, sub, share).
     3) Educate Yourself in the Media Depot.
Next? We March in June 2015.  See the Meetup. We will gather at the Block In Orange parking lot for a brief rally. I will be seeking permits to march on teh Lamaroux Family Court Facility and permit to march on teh DCSS building at 1055 N. Main St.
1) raise public awareness, campaigning, political support, community activism
2) rewrite legislation, laws, satutes, re-education.
3) secure reparations, justice, class action lawsuit
1) finish setup - APRIL 
+ meetup info
+ data users
+ meta data
2) educate on Family Law - May/June
+ distill data
+ revise data
3) movement - July
+ meetups
+ social media
+ new members
+ blogs
+ letters
+ mtgs
+ finiancials
1) Public Awesness and Disposition of Famiy Court
2) Family Court Agents (FCA) and Programs
3) Data Transparentcy (pun) and Digitalization
  • We Create Online Media to Educate on Father Rights in Family Court
  • We Coordinate and Excecute Father Rights through Legislative Repeals, Repremdations,and Reform
  • We Integrate Training and Educational Media for the Family Courts and Family Law Industry
  • We Execute the Right for Free Speech
  • We File Grievances Against Our Government (specifically the OCCourts, Family Court, and DCSS).
  • Do you live in SoCal? Have you been through the Fmaily Court system?
  • We need you! Regardless of your Case status or previous outcome, help support Fathers Rights.
  • We are Exploring Agent Recruitment to Engage Family Law legislation. 
  • We Engage in Rewriting Legislation, Training Family Court Personnel, and Public Awareness
Dads Revolution is currently looking for the following personnel:
* general dads revolution agents
* website and social media manager
* graphic media artist
* political action coordinator
* public relations representative
Q4: Emergence Stage (2015-2016)
Act 1 – Plan and Strategize. 
Act 2 – Build Awareness.
Quadrant IV
Get Organized, Form the Movement
Technology, Systems, People
Routine Education, Laws, Factions
Ask Questions!?!
WHAT we Are and What We Are Not.
Years 2015-2016
Q3: Coalescence Stage (Years 2017-2019)
Strike 1o3 - Data! (I/O Hit)
Act 3 – Mobilize.
Act 4 – Stay Safe.
Quadrant III
First Strike - Data! (I/O Hit)
Compile, Publish, Activism, Education
Where is the Money!?! Faction Reallocation
Media Wave mid-2018
the {ba-bomb}
Years 2017-2019
Q2: Bureaucratization Stage (Years 2020-2023)
Strike 2o3 - Class Action Lawsuit ($ Hit!)
Act 5 – Access Blocked Information.
Act 6 – Collaborate.
Quadrant II
Second Strike - Class Action Lawsuit ($ Hit!)
Street Action, Walks, Flyers, Sigs
Write and Enter Legislation, Form alliances
Fundraising, Activism Events, More Media
Pool and Distribute Resources
Process Reform Between Families and Family Court
Years 2020-2023
Q1: Decline Stage (Years 2024-2025)
Strike 3o3 - (US Hit)
Act 7 – Fundraise.
Act 8 – Keep Supporters Engaged.
Quadrant I
Third Strike - (US Hit)
Common Core, Family Values, Best Interests
Revise Laws, Re-Educate Family Law Factions
ABC System, Program Results, Data
Parental Access, Accountability, Financial Protection
Pass Command, Disembark, Deactivate
Close Financials, Archive
Years 2024-2025
Fighting the Family Law Industry
for Father's Rights and Reparations
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