Fighting the Family Law Industry for Father's Rights and Reparations


The "Family Court" is better described as the Family Law Industry. There is a system of Justice that is being abused by a large number of service professionals as well as a generation of entitlement. The Family Laws are written to exploit fathers and enable mothers and grandmothers to abuse the legal system. The "best interests of the child" becomes whom has the deepest pockets. It's not just the lawyers, the couselors and examiners and even the stenographers are all profiteering from the destruction of families. 
During a 2013 child support contempt hearing, I (jasonhoblin) remarked to Public Defender Joseph Downs, that the Lamoureux Family Court doesn't seem like their helping familes and that it looked more like an Industry. He looked at me with his steely eyes and and confidently said, "It is." 
During a call-in appointment with the OC Family Court, one judge or commisioner said to me, "Family Court is a natural part of parenting." Nope.
Family Law Industry
» Stop DCSS Destroying the Lives Good Men
» No Drivers License Suspension
» Gotcha Laws, Three Months Lock Prior Payments
» No Guilty Pleas In En-masse, Full Due Process
» False Accusations Demand Penalty
» No Five Different Payment Websites
» Review DCSS Operating Budget
» Cut Funding, Punitive Actions
» Remove Counter-productive Individuals (Civil Sacrifice)
» Reallocate Funding to Re-Educate Courts, Training Classes
» Fathers Rights Organizations, Collaboration
» Self-Help Department Has a Comprehensive Financial and Custodial Resolution System
» Reasonable Access Principal Parties, Court Records, Court Report Transcripts
» Reparations for Years of Recapitulation
Hiring aggressive Lawyers. While my paternity case is both very different and very similar to a large number of other Family Law Court cases, these are only my expeinces with OC Courts Family Court system.
  • Using Incremental Move-The-Middle Tactics. (by lawyers)
  • Obtaining Ex-Parte Orders for Non-Emergancy Issues. 
  • clock retro yellow 128Denial of Visitation. (Active Alienation)
  • Repeated Litigous Court Actions.
  • No Consequences for Overt Perjury. (Enabled by Courts)
  • Un-enforcable Visitation Make-Up Times.
  • Required Police Station Transfers.
  • Categorical Sexism.
  • Misuse Police and Medical Services.
  • Inappropraite Involvement of Grandparents.
(add points/examples from other cases) 
It is always better if there are healthy, individual parents whom are parenting the children. The Family Law Industry profits whem children are raised by everyone, and the parents have no authoritry. This the social problem of when everyone is in charge, then no one is accountable. Lawyers say the Judge, the Judge says the Counselors, the Couselors say the Judge, the Parents say the Lawyers, and no one has any consequences, save for the father. I have come to understand that Grandparents are deep source proxy-parenting and are deliberately indemnified; excluded from accountability, yet wholly influencial.
Gross unaccountability!
The Family Court / Family Law system is an INDUSTRY and I'm not buying it. 
Dads Revolution is committed to fighting the injustice and inequality in the Family Court system.
I am actively engaged in helping Dads Revolt against Sexism, Racism, Classism and other forms of Demonstrable Discrimination in the Family Court system.
Fighting the Family Law Industry
for Father's Rights and Reparations
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