Fighting the Family Law Industry for Father's Rights and Reparations


Is it any wonder that one of the larger and older buildings in Downtown Santa Ana is dedicated to the Department of Child Support Services. Here in Orange County, CA, while the cities' main streets continue to decay, giving way to banks and fast food chains, the few remaining skyline buildings are occupied and saturated by industries whose product is nonexistant and services are neglegable; including the DCSS. The County or the Community, however you look at it, has not learned that you cannot reign upon it's denizens, lest they deliver a sharp backhand and put your in your place. 
warning 128The following matters will be addressed with relentless execution: 
» No Guilty Pleas In En-masse, Each Individual Gets Full Due Process.
» No Intimidation Tactics, No Faretta or 5th Amendment Waivers but Full Legal Defense.
» Repeal the Three Month Payment Lock, No Gotcha Laws.
» Recalculate Arrears Balances
» Review DCSS Operating Budgets
» Cut Funding as Punitive Actions
» Remove Counter-productive Individuals (Civil Sacrifice, staff training, qualifications)
» Direct Principal Payments, No SDU, No Five Different Websites (direct by default)
» No Drivers License Suspentions, Driving is Right, Not a Privledge
» No Bank Levys against Personal or Business Accounts
» No Employer Harrassment
» No Client Harrassment
» No Passport Denial
» No Extortion Threats Or Incarceration Threats - Extortion and Threats, Money or Jail [A#672]
Threats and intimidation only server to enable the antogogitic actions of one or more of the principls and to feed the Family Law Industry. The Court will make less demands on the majority of men trying to support themselves and then their families and increase the penalties for those people commiting actual crimes. 
Review State and local operating budget for evidence of collusion, neposism and biases implemented to directly secure operting budgets.
For years, no one told me about filing a modification. Everytime I called or visited the Self-Help Center, I was told it cannot be changed. The DCSS uses tactics like these to incease the debt amount and therefore the severity of their actions. After my contempt notice I was told, "Just File a Modification". Oh?! Is that all?! So now that the arrears has accured, for years, I filed for Modification. I appeared with all of the necessary documents. Commisioner Neary let the DCSS attorney ask me a dozen questions, then Neary dismissed my motion for a modification. I did not get to make a statement, nor ask questions, nor present any evidence. It would take another three months if I filed again and then it would be too late. I spoke up and about being granted a hearing and Neary leaned back in his chair and said, (paraphrasing) "We find that men who have their own business are usually hiding money." 
In Department L54, I watched as they lined men up, mostly young, mostly hispanic, and extracted guilty pleas. The Commissioner asked each one their names and if they plead guilty and then moved onto the next batch. They had NO CHOICE. My appearance was with one other individual. We will declare all of those hearings be reviewed and repealed for failure of due process. We will demand a mistrial on all of the applicable child supportpaymetn hearings, Contempt for non-payment and violation of probabtion hearing in Department L54 for the past 20 nto 30 years. We will secure reparations for the lives the Family Court has destroyed.
The father has no choice of ABORTION or for ADOPTION or in MARRIAGE. Yet the Father, under pain if corporal punishment, is financially accountable!?!? NO. 
Mothers will be accountable for their actions! Mothers will pay their own costs. Mothers will suffer the consequences of their actions. Not welfare state not alimony state; not princess state. The "interests of the child" do not permit the State to enforce endutured servituded. If mother is authorative over the child/ren, then the mother is responsible for the child. 
The Court and the Commuity is NOT responsible for raising or securingthe income for child/ren.
DCSS will no longer be used as the strong arm of entitled brats. If someone wants to hide money they will hide it. Only hurting the majority innocent fathers trying to support children. Instead of resolving financial matters in details, by the number, engage harassment and intimidation tactics. Making matters worse, they make matter worse. WTF is wrong with you?!?!  
I takes quite a lot for me to engage in a specific cause; I have walked passed and shelved serveral projects and causes that have insisted upon on my attention. The DCSS has exceeded its authority and I have decided to enact corrective actions. They demanded of my attendtion, now they are going get it. 

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Fighting the Family Law Industry
for Father's Rights and Reparations
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