Fighting the Family Law Industry for Father's Rights and Reparations
Hi I am, jasonhoblin. This video presentation is a campaign to raise money for a very personal cause. I have a life threatening debt with Dept. of Child Support Services. I have been in legal proceedings with the "other party" for the past decade. I have run out of options, and I'm turning to crowdsourcing as my last chance and best hope.
Plan 25 is to clear debt an arrears debt. I need to clear this debt so I can be allowed to work. I need to end this suffering so I move on my life. Please watch and consider a contribution to help me get past this nightmare. 
The problem is that DCSS is part of a Family Court INDUSTRY. They interested in money not people. They not serving in the best interests of the children. The Family Court is interested in the Family Court brand. They sow discourse in families in order generate more business. 
The problem is that the "other party" has spent over 100k$ trying to alienation me from my son. I have to go to court every  3-5 months to fight for either custody or to fight the DCSS over money. Every 3-5 months for the past ten years. I have spent one-half of my time working on legal matters just to see my son and stay alive. 
The problem is that the immediate members of my circles and my community are remiss in understanding scope and the details of these circumstances. They have been drained financially and emotionally in trying to support my fight. 
So my last chance is to turn to crowdfunding,... and drawing pictures. In order to be as clear as, I'm going to illustrate the problem.
Here's me and I'm trying to get to a stable income along with with my bank account. I work. I make money. Normally this money would go to my bank account. The DCSS, representing the other party, have created a WALL for any and all of my money. 
First, they levy 50% from paycheck. I would like to note that half of a living wage is not living. It doesn't matter if I'm employed with a W2 or consulting on a 1099. I have lost three fulltime jobs as a direct result of the DCSS attacks. They also harass my clients, I've lost business and I have missed countless opportunities.
Then, and as if there were not enough, the other half, because of the arrears debt, is taken out of my bank account. I am inhibited from retaining any money, period.
I am forwarding the claim that my government, on pain of jail or death, is demanding 150% of my ability to sustain my own existence. I regard these actions as a overtly hostile against my personal liberties and an indirect threat to my life.
Some of you maybe wondering, how did things get like this, why am I only addressing this now.  Well, I have actually been trying to resolve these matters with the courts and the "other party" for the past decade.
(-) The solution is NOT any of these one-off, overly-simplistic excuses that I have heard for years.  I am not a deadbeat dad. I'm not lazy. I'm not on drugs. I'm not crazy. I'm not cognitively disabled.
My favorite excuse has been for me to "just get job". (sarcasm) Ohhh,  Get a job, stupid me, why didn't I think of that. I need money just go work for it. Duh. Well, remember when I start working, the DCSS sends paperwork to my employer, I lose half of my income from paycheck and then they take the other half from my bank account. If I had a dollar for every time I heard, "oh just get a job to payoff the debt", I'd might not have needed this campaign. 
(-) If  you are  a current or former client of mine and you've wondered... why?, why does it take me so long to get things done?  If you're family or friends of mine, and you've been wondering why, why with all my business savvy, my technological talent and just being an all around good guy, why do I always seem like I'm struggling. 
I have had to move residences every 6-18 months the past decade. I have been in and out of court ever 3-5 months for the past decade. I have been forced to work as a lawyer, against my will and outside of my field of interest, completing form, writing declarations, forming arguments, copying, filing, and researching. I estimate I have spent have of my working life over the past decade addressing either custody and/or financial issues with the Family Court.
The greatest damages has not been to me, or my family and friends or my clients. The greatest damage the DCSS and Family Court and the "other party"  have caused, is in the relationship between me and my son. 
(-) I've tried just filing with Court. They will just tell you fill out more of the same paperwork, appear for more hearings and then they just keep saying no. There is no recourse within the Family Court system.  I tried using lawyers but the lawyers are part of the problem. They will help you fillout the paperwork and appear at the court hearings for no resolution, and then the lawyers just bill you to do it again. 
The judges, the lawyers, the clerks, the deputies, the stenographers, the accountants, the financials advisors, the counselors and therapist, the 730 evaluators, and lest I not mention the small army of personnel at the Dept. of Child Support Service. All of these people are involved in the best interests of the Family Court!
I have spent 10 years in the Family Court system and in my observations, the Family Courts  are nowhere near fair or equal. I have resolved to having no other options to live because the Family Court is an industry and has obligated me beyond my means. My only hope is to pay off arrears debt in full. 
So enough of the drama, what's the plan?... The plan is to crowdrise. I am going try raise twenty-five thousand dollars. I will start with my immediate family and friends, again!, and then slowly expand my sphere of influence. I have to secure these monies.
The actual arrears debt is a bit less than  twenty-five thousand. I have included some of the processing fees and a margin for negotiating the settlement amount.  I will not throw money into the lawyer pit however, I also included a small budget to have a lawyer review my documents.  The bulk of the money is going to the "other party" which mean most of it's going to my son anyways. If there is any money leftover, I will forward the resources to DadsRevolution, to continue fighting the Family Court industry.
When I have secured the funds, I will hit the DCSS and other party with a full settlement motion. I'm confident I will negotiate to close case. The arrears debt will be cleared, once and for all, no ridiculous interest, no financial leverage... just over!
Then, with no arrears, wall is removed, along with all of the other obstructions. Now when I work, my money goes to a my personal bank account. I can buy food and gas, I can pay rent and live a life without being terrorized.
The regular child support payments will continue as usual.
In summary,  (+)  there's no simple answer to end ten years of attacks and alienation, much less resolve the demands for the impossible from the state. (+) My circumstances require 25k$ to clear an arrears debt, to be free to work and have any liberty, whatsoever. (+) This campaign provides unfathomable relief to my immediate circles of friends and family, and especially my son. 
I know I can do this with your help, with your contribution! This campaign is not just about clearing my personal debt. Before I can't help others and fight for their rights, I have to help myself first.
Please consider contributing to this campaign. If you're familiar with crowdsourcing, there are often reward packages for contributions. While this is not a kickstarter, I still have offers my supporters.
If you donate $10, $25 or $50, you will have my deepest thanks and the satisfaction that you helped not only me and my son, but helped in the fight for families.
If you contribute $125, $250, or $500 you will have the previous reward of my deep thanks, plus you'll get one hour personalized technology consulting for you or your business. 
And if you do have the means and can contribute $1000, $1250, or $2500, you will have the previous reward of my thanks, an hour of tech support, plus a you will receive a personalized and custom video from me and my son, thanking you for your support.
This presentation and campaign is to raise money for life threatening debt.  The Department of Child Support services along with the "other party" have been attacking me for the past ten years. I am forced to spend half of working existence fighting the courts while they maintain a levy against ALL of my income and monies. 
There is no one-off or over-simplic solution, like just get a job or just go refile with the courts. I have exhausted my family and friends and have no other options other than to crowdrise my way out. Plln 25 is to clear my arrears debt, so I'm allowed work, and move on with my life.
Thank you for taking the time to understand my circumstances and I hope you can contribute to this cause. 
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Thank you.
Fighting the Family Law Industry
for Father's Rights and Reparations
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